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Wi-Fi Support
Wi-fi technology, the latest in the communication industry, with the potential to provide high-speed, high quality information exchange between portable devices located anywhere in the world.

Wi-fi technology has been used in wireless mesh networks.In addition to private use in house and offices, wi-fi can provide public access at wi-fi hotspots.
We Provide
  • Setup & Install Wi-Fi routers, hubs, switches.
  • Setting up wireless networks.
  • Help you choose the correct media between your PC and router.
  • Secure your wireless connection from intruders.
  • Configure security & firewalls for your Wi-Fi device.
  • Help you to identify IP conflicts within the network devices.
  • Help you to share your various network resources such as folders, drives, files, printers.
  • We’ll ensure hassle free connectivity.
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Cost of the Plan: £45.00